Electricity Providers – The 10 You Can Trust in Texas

Congratulations to the electricity providers who made Home Energy Club’s list of the “10 Best Electric Companies in Texas You Can Trust” (plus two Honorable Mentions). The list will help you narrow your choices when choosing the cheapest power companies you can trust.

Some of the Texas energy providers included in our list are those with the lowest electricity rates and most offer special discount rates on Home Energy Club. But it’s also important to consider other criteria when selecting an electric company (also called a “light company”), including:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Transparency of energy plans
  • Complaint resolution
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Rewards
  • Community involvement

You can view the energy plans of the best electricity providers by zip code by entering your zip in one of the boxes on this page.

The 10 Best Electric Companies in Texas

Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy is one of the largest and most established electricity providers in Texas. A subsidiary of NRG Energy, Reliant is one of the most respected brands in the the state, known for their excellence in customer service and trustworthy energy plans.

Reliant’s well-trained and friendly operators are included in our Best Operators list. You can speak with a Reliant operator directly at 833-339-0416.

Reliant’s rates may not be the lowest, but their plans are trustworthy and affordable, and the company helps customers find ways to lower their energy usage to reduce energy bills.

Reliant’s ratings are high for billing and account management, customer service and overall satisfaction. One customer commented, “So glad this is what I chose. After 6 years of Reliant, living in 2 locations, I have no complaints.”


Call Reliant (833-339-0416)

Pulse Power

Pulse Power is owned and operated by a highly experienced, accomplished CEO, who has a top notch team, excellent pricing and first-rate operations. It’s hard to beat their combination of trustworthiness and low straightforward rates.

Pulse has some of the best electricity “no gimmick” rates for residential customers, and offers a 90-day “Perfect Plan Guarantee”. Their straightforward plans are designed to minimize the odds of bill surprises and to create higher customer satisfaction, so that customers renew year after year.

Pulse’s low electricity rates in Texas and excellent service are making it one of the fastest-growing energy providers. Pulse specializes in one year and multi-year fixed-rate plans.

See our special promo codes for Pulse to share with friends and family. You can reach Pulse Power operators directly at 888-853-4219. Pulse also has excellent business electricity rates.


Call Pulse (888-853-4219)

Cirro Energy

Cirro Energy is a subsidiary of NRG Energy and sister company of Reliant Energy. The Texas electric company focuses on providing customers convenience with a simple, fast shopping experience and electricity rates that are low to mid-range.

Cirro is included in our Best Operators list. You can call a Cirro operator directly at 833-392-9778.

Cirro electricity plans have basic features and are not cluttered with lots of options, which makes it quicker for consumers to choose a Texas energy plan. Cirro offers one year and multi-year terms.


Call Cirro (833-392-9778) 

Green Mountain Energy

For over 20 years, Green Mountain Energy has been a pioneering green energy company. While their pricing may not be the lowest, Green Mountain offers affordable Texas electricity rates associated with energy generated from the sun and wind, and provide excellent customer service.

Green Mountain Energy got its start in Vermont in 1997. Of all electric companies in Texas, Green Mountain was the first to solely focus on green energy for residences. Since 1997, their renewable energy plans have helped avoid 60 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from entering the environment, the equivalent of planting over 7 million trees.

Green Mountain operators made our most recent Best Operators list and you can reach a customer care representative directly at 833-399-0421.


Call Green Mt (833-339-0421) 

Payless Power

Payless Power is hands down the best “no-deposit” electric company in Texas. They offer simple “no deposit” prepaid electricity plans if you want to avoid paying a deposit. Speak with a Payless operator at 833-926-9776.

Payless Power’s no credit check, no deposit electricity prepaid plans are competitively priced for this type of plan, which carries more risk for the electric company. They have some of the cheapest prepaid plans regardless of income or credit history.


Call Payless (833-926-9776)

Gexa Energy

Gexa Energy, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, is a well known and trusted electric company with some of lowest electricity rates in Texas. Gexa has a 60-day “Happiness Guarantee” to ensure the satisfaction of customers who switch to their plans.

Gexa offers 100% renewable energy plans which help reduce CO2, and they are priced at less than many fossil-sourced plans in the market.

Gexa Energy receives high marks for pricing and green energy. Customer ratings for their energy plans and promotions are at the top of the list. This is followed by customer service and overall experience. Customer comments include “Great rates” and “Very helpful when I needed assistance.”

TXU Energy

TXU Energy is one of the most established electric companies in Texas. The energy provider has been in business for over 100 years, originating as Dallas Electric Company in 1882.

Because of the company’s excellent customer service, it has retained the loyalty of its customers to a remarkable degree in the competitive deregulated market.

TXU has a strong presence in the Dallas area, where it is based. TXU was one of the pioneers of “free” nights and weekends plans.

TXU Energy receives its highest marks in customer service, community outreach, innovation, and market perception. TXU offers a range of fixed rate electricity plans in Texas for one-year and multi-year terms.

Chariot Energy

Chariot Energy is the electricity provider and marketing arm of a major, vertically-integrated conglomerate with solar energy generation facilities in Texas. The parent company is one of the largest corporations in the world, called Hanwha Group of South Korea.

Chariot offers 100% solar energy plans in Texas with low to mid-range rates, which are competitive with fossil-sourced plans. They have a high quality management team and will become a major energy provider in the state with the financial support of Hanwha.

Entrust Energy

Entrust Energy has been in business over 10 years, and is a professionally operated, high quality electricity company servicing residents in Texas.

The light company specializes in straight-forward electricity plans, and touts the transparency of its plans and bills.

Entrust has competitive pricing and an intuitive, easy-to-use website with tools to help you manage your account, including a weekly usage report.

They offer fixed rate plans without gimmicks for more predictable billing, and provide partial year to multi-year electricity plans.

Amigo Energy

Amigo Energy was founded at the beginning of deregulation in Texas in 2002, offering energy plans targeted to various lifestyles.

The electric company has a special focus on bilingual customer support, and provides an assortment of plans to fit a range of budgets, with terms ranging from a partial year to 36 months, and including renewable energy plans.

They provide transparent billing and their energy plans are straightforward without the gimmicks that cause bill surprises.

Honorable Mentions

Just Energy

Just Energy is one of the largest electricity providers in Texas and in the national deregulated energy market generally, servicing over 1 million customers.

Founded in 1997, the light company offers affordable energy rates in Texas, including plans with 100% renewable energy content to protect the environment.

Customer service, billing and account services are the strong points in Just’s customer ratings, followed by price, plans, promotions, and overall experience.

A satisfied customer says, “No billing issues, I like getting weekly usage information, and no surprises on my bill.”

TriEagle Energy

For over 15 years, TriEagle Energy has steadily developed a following for their straightforward rates, and is a trusted electric company in Texas. As a subsidiary of Vistra Energy, they serve customers throughout the state.

TriEagle has always offered no-gimmick rates to help cut customers’ bill surprises. The light company has low to mid-market pricing. They have good customer service and their weekly usage reports help customers manage their energy usage.

The electric company also has competitive renewable energy plans (green energy). Their best customer rating is for price, followed by customer service.

“I wish I could have known about this company years ago,” one customer commented.

Discount Power

Discount Power is a subsidiary of NRG Energy and a sister company of Reliant Energy. The energy provider offers straight-forward electricity rates with a “no frills” customer experience.

Discount’s electricity plans are easy to understand and enroll in. As an NRG company, the company has professional management and customers can be assured of quality customer service.

Below, you’ll find energy provider phone numbers and reviews, as well as a convenient rate comparison chart with the energy plans of some of the best electric companies listed above.

Other Trusted Energy Providers

Other trusted energy providers include Champion Energy, Lone Star Energy, Tara Energy and 4Change Energy.

To view the energy plans of a larger range of quality electric companies, visit our Home Energy Club home page.


Compare rates of the best Texas electric companies on the list


Our list of the best Texas energy providers changes based on changes in the scores of each company. Be sure to check out our guide for choosing the best energy plan in Texas and our guide on how to read the Electricity Fact Label to assist you in choosing an electric company and energy plan for your home. And our Texas Smart Meter Guide will show you how to quickly access your usage history.

Compare Electric Companies with Best Operators

3 Reliant Energy Plans & Rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
Reliant - Truly Free 7 Days 1212 Months14.1 ¢/kWh
Reliant - Truly Free Nights 1212 Months14.1 ¢/kWh
Reliant - Truly Free Weekends 1212 Months14.1 ¢/kWh
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

Call Reliant (833-339-0416)

9 Pulse Power Plans & Rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
Pulse Power - Texas Saver 1212 Months7.9 ¢/kWh
Pulse Power - Texas Saver 2424 Months8 ¢/kWh
Pulse Power - Texas Saver 3636 Months8.2 ¢/kWh
Pulse Power - Texas Fixed 3636 Months11.7 ¢/kWh
Pulse Power - Texas Fixed 2424 Months12.1 ¢/kWh
Pulse Power - Texas Green 3636 Months12.2 ¢/kWh
Pulse Power - Texas Green 2424 Months12.6 ¢/kWh
Pulse Power - Texas Fixed 1212 Months12.7 ¢/kWh
Pulse Power - Texas Green 1212 Months13.2 ¢/kWh
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

Call Pulse (888-853-4219)

0 Cirro Energy Plans & Rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

Call Cirro (833-392-9778) 


3 Green Mountain Energy Plan & Rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus 36 Preferred36 Months12.1 ¢/kWh
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus 12 Preferred12 Months12.7 ¢/kWh
Green Mountain - Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred24 Months13.8 ¢/kWh
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

Call Green Mt (833-339-0421) 


3 Payless Power No Deposit Plans and Rates

Plan Name Plan Length Rate
Payless Power - SmarTricity Club Price 12 - Prepaid Plan12 Months14 ¢/kWh
Payless Power - SmarTricity Premier 12 - Prepaid Plan12 Months14.1 ¢/kWh
Payless Power - SmarTricity Easy Choice - Prepaid PlanMonth-to-month Months15.7 ¢/kWh
  • These rates are for Oncor service areas.
  • Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.

Call Payless (833-926-9776)

Compare all vetted Texas electricity plans

Best Electric Companies in Texas: Phone Numbers, Reviews

Provider Toll Free Number    Year Founded Reviews
Amigo Energy 888-528-2672 2002 Amigo Reviews
Chariot Energy 844-978-6797 2018 Chariot Reviews
Cirro Energy 833-392-9778 2001 Cirro Reviews
Discount Power 833-556-6491 2008 Discount Reviews
Entrust Energy 800-871-8100 2010 Entrust Reviews
Gexa Energy 855-639-8212 2002 Gexa Reviews
Green Mountain 833-339-0421 1997 Green Mt. Reviews
Just Energy 833-871-5317 1997 Just Reviews
Pulse Power 888-853-4219 2018 Pulse Reviews
Reliant Energy 833-339-0416 2000 Reliant Reviews
TriEagle Energy 888-380-4813 2002 TriEagle Reviews
TXU Energy 800-818-6132 2002 TXU Reviews


Compare Energy Rates of Top Texas Electric Companies (Oncor zone)

Average Monthly Usage
Gexa Saver Freedom 36 13.2¢ 12.9¢ 12.7¢ 36 Months Fixed $295.00 6%
Gexa Saver Premium 24 13.9¢ 13.6¢ 8.4¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 6%
Gexa Saver Premium 12 13.6¢ 13.2¢ 8.0¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 6%
Gexa Saver Supreme 12 16.1¢ 7.3¢ 11.4¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
GIX Free 3 Day Weekends 14.7¢ 13.5¢ 12.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa Saver Freedom 12 12.5¢ 12.2¢ 12.0¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Gexa Saver Supreme 24 18.8¢ 9.9¢ 14.0¢ 24 Months Fixed $295.00 100%
Gexa Saver 12 17.1¢ 7.2¢ 11.8¢ 12 Months Fixed $150.00 100%
Pollution Free e-Plus 36 Preferred 12.4¢ 12.1¢ 11.9¢ 36 Months Fixed $250 %
Pollution Free e-Plus 24 Preferred 14.1¢ 13.8¢ 13.6¢ 24 Months Fixed $200 %
Pollution Free e-Plus 12 Preferred 13¢ 12.7¢ 12.5¢ 12 Months Fixed $150 %
Texas Fixed 36 12.2¢ 11.7¢ 11.4¢ 36 Months Fixed $20 20%
Texas Fixed 24 12.6¢ 12.1¢ 11.8¢ 24 Months Fixed $20 20%
Texas Saver 24 17.9¢ 12.6¢ 24 Months Bill Credit $125 20%
Texas Saver 36 18.1¢ 8.2¢ 12.8¢ 36 Months Bill Credit $125 20%
Texas Saver 12 17.8¢ 7.9¢ 12.5¢ 12 Months Bill Credit $125 20%
Texas Fixed 12 13.2¢ 12.7¢ 12.4¢ 12 Months Fixed $20 20%
Texas Green 24 13.1¢ 12.6¢ 12.3¢ 24 Months Fixed $20 100%
Texas Green 36 12.7¢ 12.2¢ 11.9¢ 36 Months Fixed $20 100%
Texas Green 12 13.7¢ 13.2¢ 12.9¢ 12 Months Fixed $20 100%
Truly Free 7 Days 12 14.4¢ 14.1¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Indexed $150 %
Truly Free Nights 12 14.5¢ 14.1¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Indexed $150 %
Truly Free Weekends 12 14.5¢ 14.1¢ 13.9¢ 12 Months Indexed $150 %
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Electricity Providers Frequently Asked Questions

What electricity provider has the cheapest rates in Texas?

The four Texas energy providers with the cheapest electricity rates on HomeEnergyClub.com are:

The ultra-cheap rate plans offered by Gexa and Pulse are enticing, but be sure their plans are a good match with your home’s energy usage levels so you are able to take advantage of the bill credits which result in the low pricing. Choosing your best electricity plan based on your home’s kWh usage patterns is easier when you get helpful insights from our How to Read an Electricity Facts Label guide.

The most straightforward energy rates offering predictable bills in the low to mid-range are available from TriEagle. Cirro Energy has some straightforward rates as well. At Home Energy Club, you can learn objective information about 40-plus energy providers. Energy providers offering the cheapest rates tend to change periodically during the year.

Who is the best energy provider in Texas?

The current top dozen best energy providers that made our list at HomeEnergyClub.com are Pulse Power, Reliant Energy, Cirro Energy, Gexa Energy, Chariot Energy, TriEagle Energy, Entrust Energy, Green Mountain Energy, TXU Energy, Just Energy, Amigo Energy and Discount Power. Honorable mentions include Champion Energy and Tara Energy.

We chose the best 12 electricity providers in Texas by looking for companies which receive high ratings for the following characteristics based on customer reviews, our HEC/Amazon ratings surveys and an assortment of data from trusted independent sources, such as government sources, the BBB, and Google:

  • Honesty and transparency
  • Customer service and complaint resolution
  • Low prices when considering rates and value for a specific level of service
  • No-surprise billing practices

The current list of top electric companies includes some that are on the list for the first time. The change is a result of improvements the companies have made that produced improved standings in our evaluations.

What is the best rate per kWh from Texas electricity providers?

Rates have dipped to 5-cents and 6-cents per kWh, making these rates the best offered by energy providers in Texas on HomeEnergyClub.com. Currently, 12-month plans are the most popular plans overall, while 36-month plans are the most favored multi-year plans, and many residents are locking in these remarkably low rates. For comparison, 11 cents per kWh was the average Texas electricity rate in 2019.

Low commodity prices have caused a decline in power generation fuel costs, which has contributed to plummeting residential electricity rates. Commodity prices are cyclical and will recover, however, and an increase in electricity rates is inevitable.

How to compare energy providers?

It is a simple, straightforward process to compare energy providers when you visit HomeEnergyClub.com, where you’ll find convenient side-by-side plan comparisons. You just enter your zip code and the website shows you the providers, energy plans and rates in your area, with prices ranked from lowest to highest.

There are never any membership fees to use the online service. Because of our devotion to providing objective information, we don’t sell preferred treatment to energy providers. And due to our significant bargaining power with providers, the prices we display often beat what is listed on the energy provider websites for the same brand, term length, and level of kWh usage.

At Home Energy Club, you can find reviews and in-depth information about 40-plus electricity providers. Customers comment that their favorite part of our service is the fact that we vet each energy plan to make sure that brands which stoop to tricks and gimmicks are cut, which helps our members avoid bill surprises.

For additional guidance on choosing your electricity plan, read our helpful guides found on the home page, including How to Read an Electricity Facts Label Guide and the Savvy Shopper’s 10-minute Guide to Choosing the Best Energy Plan in Texas.

Where to find cheap energy providers near me?

Across Texas, about 85% of all residents have the right to choose their energy provider. You may wish to search for “cheap energy providers near me” if you live in a de-regulated energy zone. If you enter your zip code on the home page of HomeEnergyClub.com, the comparison site will instantly display a list of trustworthy electricity providers with the cheapest electricity rates.

Home Energy Club is free to use and never has membership fees. We even offer lower rates than the ones you’ll find on top-brand electricity provider sites for identical brands and term lengths, because we have significant bargaining power with providers due to our large member base.

Another unique advantage we provide is that we vet plans and cut the ones that employ gimmicky tricks that lead to bill shocks. Consumers can trust the information on our site because we do not sell special treatment to electric companies. We advocate for you and help you find the best electricity plan and rate for your home.

What energy providers have no deposit?

Each of the major electricity providers in Texas have no deposit electricity plans available based on credit scores and other credit criteria. An alternative to no-deposit electricity is a no-deposit prepaid energy plans offered by some electricity providers, with no credit check required. The way prepaid plans generally work is that the consumer creates an account, deposits funds for a starting balance, and continues with pay-as-you-go electricity.

HomeEnergyClub.com recommends the prepaid no-deposit electricity plans available from Payless Power and Reliant Energy.

You may qualify for a deposit waiver which energy providers allow according to their policies and/or government regulations. The following are the types of qualifying documents that may be required to get a deposit waiver:

  • Letter of Credit: If you have not been late with electricity payments more than once in the last 12 months, you can ask for a “letter of credit” from your most recent electricity provider.
  • Low Income: Provide a letter from a government entity to prove your low-income status.
  • Military Veteran: Show your military ID if you are an active duty or reservist military member.
  • Age 65 or older: Senior citizens can provide proof of their age with a state-issued ID card, driver’s license, or passport.
  • Medical Indigent: To verify medical indigency, provide a certified letter obtained from a government agency.
  • Victim of Family Violence: Provide a certified letter from the Texas Council on Family Violence or another relevant government agency.

Where to find electricity providers with free nights and weekends?

HomeEnergyClub.com provides details on numerous time-of-use plans available from Texas energy providers, including plans with free nights and weekends. Saving money on these kinds of plans is not a given because it depends on a couple of factors. First, the periods when electricity is “free” should not be too narrow, and, secondly, your pattern of energy usage at home must be compatible with the timing of free versus paid hours for a plan to be a cost-cutting option.

With a free nights and weekends plan, lowering your electricity costs is dependent on your engaging in high-energy consumption activities during free rate periods, such as running your clothes dryer and your dishwasher, and charging an electric car.

Paying close attention to the Electricity Facts Label is the best way to figure out whether a free nights and weekends plan would be beneficial to you. It is crucial to note that significantly higher electricity rates are charged during non-free hours, and you need to avoid high levels of electricity usage during those hours. If you have a smart meter, you can see detailed patterns of your electricity use by going to Smart Meter Texas.

Where to find prepaid electricity providers?

Finding reputable prepaid energy providers is easy when you go to HomeEnergyClub.com, where Payless Power is currently recommended for prepaid electricity. To see the complete list, look under the Helpful Guides section on our home page footer (at the bottom of the page) and select “Prepaid Electricity”. For in-depth, detailed information on 40-plus electricity providers in Texas, go to the top of the home page and enter your zip code.

How to switch electricity providers?

You can switch energy providers in Texas in less than 10 minutes. First, visit HomeEnergyClub.com for detailed information on 40+ electricity providers, plans, and rates in your area. Compare electricity rates and plans based on your level of energy usage.

Then, to switch energy providers, enroll in your selected plan on your phone, computer, or tablet. The switch to a new electricity provider will be made automatically. No notification is needed for your previous energy provider.

However, please be cautious to avoid possible cancellation fees. Check the Electricity Facts Label on your current electricity plan before making a switch to determine the fee. Generally, you will be required to pay an early termination fee if you cancel an electricity plan before the contract period has expired, unless it’s a “no contract” plan.

What electricity providers are in Houston?

To instantly see a list of 40-plus energy providers in Houston, simply go to HomeEnergyClub.com and enter your zip code. To help you choose the electric company that is right for you, you can review in-depth information about electricity in Houston, including details on electricity plans, rates, and reviews. You can also find many helpful guides for additional assistance on Home Energy Club.

What electricity providers are in Dallas?

Visit HomeEnergyClub.com and enter your DFW zip code to get an instant listing of 40-plus energy providers in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington area. You’ll find side-by-side comparisons of reputable electricity providers, complete with details on their energy rates, plans and reviews.

For handy assistance narrowing down your options for electricity plans in Dallas, Home Energy Club recommends that you refer to your energy usage data and the following two resources on the website: The Savvy Shopper’s 10-minute Guide to Choosing the Best Energy Plan in Texas and How to Read an Electricity Facts Label Guide. Detailed information on your patterns of energy usage can be quickly found at SmartMeterTexas.com, or you can review your monthly bills.

What energy providers for apartments in Texas?

Finding the best electricity providers for apartments in Texas is simple at HomeEnergyClub.com, where Pulse Power and TriEagle Energy currently offer the best rates for apartments. After entering your zip code, click on the box with “Apartment 500 kWh” to see a complete listing.

You can avoid nasty bill surprises by choosing your home’s usage level in your search for best electricity rates for apartments. Prices of electricity differ according to your kWh usage level. The information you need is shown on Electricity Facts Labels for each plan.